Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can request the establishment of a digital repository within the DABAR system?

Only scientific and educational institutions registered in the Republic of Croatia can request a digital repository within the DABAR system.

2. How can an institution request the establishment of a digital repository within the DABAR system?

The request is submitted by an employee (usually a librarian) appointed by the director of the institution requesting a digital repository. The appointed employee must own an AAI@EduHr account in order to fill in the request form. Filled in request form needs to be printed, signed, sealed and sent to SRCE.

3. What is an URN:NBN API key and how to acquire one?

URN:NBN API key is a code necessary to assign an URN:NBN tag to digital objects. Institutions need to request a key from the National and University Library in Zagreb. Instructions on how to acquire an URN:NBN API key are available at Croatian e-theses repository's web site.

4. What objects can be uploaded into the repository?

At the moment, undergraduate, master's and M.S. theses, as well as dissertations, can be uploaded into repositories within the DABAR system. The list of supported objects will be expanded according to the DABAR users' needs.

5. Who can access repository objects?

Repository administrators have total control over the access of each repository object. Also, the author can decide who can access the full text of the object and who can access only the bibliographic/metadata description, and under which conditions can the object be used.